JOSZ (József Szöke), creative freelance sculptor and art teacher, born 1960 in Reghin, Mures County, Transylvania, Romania, is a professional active contemporary fine artist graduated from the prestigious UAD /University of Art and Design ”Ion Andreescu” in Cluj-Napoca /Klausenburg 1990, receiving a MFA /Master’s of Fine Arts degree (sculpture program). In late 1994 Josz moved to Hungary. Jozs creative production includes one of a kind sculptures created in bronze, marble carving, stone and wood or any other material, architectural and public monuments, public-private commissions, art restoration and conservation, to uplift and inspire people as they pass by, rushing to work. Jozs is one of the most successful sculptors working and living in Italy, Hungary, United Kingdom and Romania. Artist trained as a sculptor, in his process of artistic creation Szöke experiments with wood, stone, bronze, steel and metal or any other material to highlights new forms an surprising shapes, innovative works of art to be featured in private-public collections, to redefine contemporary art, sophistication and modernity. Jozs has created numerous works of art using from traditional to new techniques, materials and methods such as modeling in clay and wax, stone carving, bronze mould casting, drawing, watercolor and painting to create unique works of art to love and collect. Jozs artistic methods and styles includes from neo-classical to geometric, organic abstract, to semi-abstract, environmental, post-minimalist, and conceptual that celebrates life, art, culture and dialogue.Jozs tries out new ideas constantly and identifies with like-minded contemporary artists in order to make a real and positive difference through art in people’s lives. Jozs’s archetypal sculptures has variously been identified as relating to spiritual vitality and ‘good taste’ conveyed through his indoor and outdoor works of art. Szöke’s art pieces are unique in conception, well executed and would compliment any art collection.

1973-75: Music and Art High School, Targu Mures, Mureș County, Transylvania, Romania.
1985-90: UAD /University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburg), Cluj County, Transylvania, Romania. Professional art studies with some of the well-known and influential artists like: Vetró Arthur, Korondy Jenő, István Gergely and other notable artists working in sculpture.

• 1993:  Active Art Gallery, St. Andrew, United Kingdom.
• 1994: Tricht Gallery (Gelderland), The Netherlands.
• 1996: Sala Mercury Group Exhibition, Innsbruck, Austria.
• 1998: Sakura Hall, Budapest, Hungary.
• 2008: University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford, United Kingdom.
• 2009: ExCel London, United Kingdom.
• 2009: Meller Merceux Gallery, Witney, United Kingdom.
• 2013: Pietrasanta, Seravezza, Montignoso, Italy.
• 2016: Media 3. Art Biennial 2016/18 Art Addiction London |
• 2016: The 6th Art Addiction’s Graphic Art Annual, Art Addiction London |
• 2016: Watercolors Annual Competition Exhibition, Art Addiction London |
• 2016: Artists Of Today Global Art Annual, Art Addiction London |

• 1991: Kemeny Janos’s tomb; stone, bronze, Marosvécs, Kemény Castle (Brâncovenești), Mureș County, Transylvania, Romania.
• 1994: St. Peter (stone, bronze) Tricht (Gelderland), The Netherlands.
• 1996: Blanka Teleki (Stone) Teleki Blanka Gymnasium, Budapest, Hungary.
• 1997: Literature (painting), Jókai Theatre, Békéscsabai, Hungary.
• 2000: Kings Gate (granite) Békés, Elizabeth Park, Budapest, Hungary.
• 2002: Petofi Sandor (Carrara stone marble sculpture bust) Cserkeszolo, Hungary.
• 2004: Millenium monument (stone) Cserkeszollo, Hungary.
• 2016: Horse Head Sculpture: Beauty and Power (bronze) S.C. IRUM S.A. Reghin, Mureș County, Transylvania, Romania.
• 2016: When the Violet bloom again: Eternal Youth, bust and fountain (Carrara stone marble sculpture bust) S.C. IRUM S.A. Reghin, Mureș County, Transylvania, Romania

• 2016: The Honorary Awards of Distinction for Artistic Merit, Art Addiction Online Gallery London (artaddiction.net)
• 2016: Prize of Excellence (Certificate), Art Addiction Online Gallery London (artaddiction.net)
• 2016: Special Honor Award of Recognition, The 6th Graphic Art Annual, Art Addiction Online Gallery London (artaddiction.net)
• 2016: Diploma of Excellence (Honourable Award), Artists Of Today Global Art Annual, Art Addiction London (artaddiction.net)